I’ m a user-researcher based in Porto, Portugal. I plan, conduct, and report qualitative and quantitative research to help clients create better experiences for their users. I bring value added solutions through usability testing, contextual inquiry, surveys and user interviews.

I also work as editor at Nevoazul, a print magazine about how we communicate with each other on the Internet. Nevoazul features in-depth interviews and honest reflections on tech, communities, and our digital selves. With the theme "Meeting our Internet neighbors", the next issue will be out at the beginning of 2021.
I had the pleasure to be a facilitator for Criatech, a program that promotes art and culture in iteration with technology. I used to work as a curator and project manager at Manifesto - a creative editorial hub owned by Nomad, where I managed an online community of indie magazine enthusiasts. We used to meet monthy to share our thoughs on the independent publishing world.

Each September, Manifesto hosts an adventure film festival inside the traditional fish market. I was involved in the production of the event since year one - meeting the speakers and making sure everyone was having a good time.

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