Client: Mishmash

Duration: 4 weeks

Methods: User Testing, Diary Studies

Tools: Notion, Miro

Learning from 2021, while planning 2022

Mishmash had just launched their 2021 planner. A hard cover, smyth sewn, printed good in lavendar and forest green. In the inside, the planner was divided in weekly, monthly and yearly views. It was a classic planner with a bold design and a lot of white space for creative minds. But how would people use the different layouts? And how could we improve the next one? To see how people used Mishmash 2021 planner in their daily life, I conducted user tests, interviews and diary studies.


I recruit a total of 10 people to see how they navegate across the different views within the planner. The test included questions such as:
  • In the 20th of november you have a dentist appointment at 10am. Write it on your planner and make sure you don't forget to be there!
  • You always forget your cousin anniversary. Write it down to mark the day. It's on may 12th.
  • In the second week of december you will be busy with a workshop. How would you write that information in your planner?
After the test, I asked the participants to clarify why they choose one layout over another and what they thought could be improved. Time on task and emotional response were used to analyse the results.

From the 10 participants recruited for the usability test, 5 of them were invited to keep the planner and to give feedback about how they use it during a months time. The purpose was to identify problems with the planner that could only be identified by usage.
The minimalist design
The colours
Weekly, montlhy and yearly views
The different sections within the weekly planner

Monthly view is too far away from weekly view
Numbers at the top sometimes refer to the year and another times to the month.
Lack of hours in the weekly planner

Mixing the montlhy and weekly views by month
Adding the name of the month and not only the number
Add stickers with the months names to improve navegation
Adding hours to the weekly planner

Mishmash products are, not only, design drived, but human-drived as well. After I present the insights collected during the user testing and diary studies, Mishmash designers were trilled to think about new ways to improve the next planner. Some days later, I received an email with the Mishmash 2022 planner prototypes and with a note saying that all the solutions proposed were applied. I can't wait for 2022!

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